Our brand started with a conversation 9 years ago. Owner and founder Sequoia traveled to London on her college spring break where by chance she bought a pair of earrings from a shop on Portobello Road. After befriending the owner she kept in touch and within a year she had pieces of theirs to sell. After attempts of doing business in Japan and Hawaii, it wasn’t until a move to New York City fueled the motivation to create an online shop selling unique and beautiful statement pieces.

Sequoia spent her childhood on Maui playing outdoors and loving accessories, especially silver rings. Additionally, Sequoia has always had entrepreneurial interests, making items to sell with her childhood best friend.

Her love of accessories and jewelry grew as time went on and as she became more knowledgeable about semi-precious stones and their meaning and significance. The name for the brand was a very thought out process. Lapis lazuli is one of Sequoia’s favorite stones and it is also where the word ‘azul’ or blue, comes from. The brand name is from a love for the color and what it reminds her of- the ocean.

Our jewelry is inspired by traveling and those who enjoy finding a special piece that you can connect with which will ignite confidence and excitement when you wear it. We hope that it can begin your own conversation and story.



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